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National Thunder Motorcycle Rally Tamworth

2022 National Thunder Motorcycle Rally Terms and Conditions of Purchase

By registering and attending the Rally you acknowledge you have read, understood and agree to these Terms (which may be updated periodically). If you register or make a purchase online before the Rally you agree to check these Terms immediately before attending to make sure you have a current understanding of them. If you do not agree to these Terms you must not make a purchase and/or attend the Rally.

In the Terms ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘the organisers’ mean Tamworth Regional Council ABN 52 631 074 450 of 437 Peel Street Tamworth NSW 2340 and ‘you’ and ‘your’ refers to persons who register and/or attend the Rally.

In the Terms ‘rally’ or ‘Rally’ means the National Thunder Motorcycle Rally to be held on Friday 30 September to Monday 3 October 2022 in Tamworth NSW 2340.

In the Terms ‘venue’, ‘event site’ and ‘rally site’ means the Australian Equine Livestock Event Centre (AELEC) buildings and grounds.

Your National Thunder Motorcycle Rally Full Registration fee includes:
• 1 x rally pin
• 1 x cloth rally patch
• 1 x National Thunder Motorcycle Rally T-shirt
• 1 x entry into the National Thunder Motorcycle Rally Raffle
• Daily Rally access to all entertainment, vendors and displays at the Rally site on Friday 30 September, Saturday 1 October, Sunday 2 October and Monday 3 October 2022.

Payment For Full Rally Registration
Payment must be made by credit card (Mastercard or Visa are accepted) as part of the online registration process to confirm your registration. Payments are made through SecurePay, an online payment gateway. No credit card details entered during the registration process are held by Tamworth Regional Council.

It is your responsibility when completing the registration form to ensure all contact and credit card details are correct as they are entered.

Confirmation of Your Registration

A confirmation will be sent to the email address you provide as part of your online registration once payment is received and authorised. If you have not received confirmation within 24 hours, please email the organiser to ensure your registration was successful.

The closing date for The National Thunder Motorcycle Rally Full Registrations is 5pm Friday 8 July 2022 (Eastern Australian Standard Time).

Data Handling
When registering to attend the National Thunder Motorcycle Rally you will be entering your details into a software system provided to Tamworth Regional Council by iVvy ( All data entered in this website is transmitted to and stored by iVvy. None of the data will be managed or stored by the Organiser, and by submitting your registration you acknowledge that the Organisers have no responsibility or liability for any data breaches. Details of IVvy’s security practices can be viewed at

A National Thunder Motorcycle Rally wristband will be issued to you upon verification of your identity and registration status at the registration desk at the rally site. Your wristband is your entry to the event.

Wristbands are non-refundable and non-transferrable and must only be purchased from the organisers.

Wristbands must be worn for the duration of the Rally, failure to do so may result in your eviction. Any wristbands that are removed or tampered with will be rendered invalid and will not be replaced. Damaged or defaced wristbands will not be accepted.

Passes purchased for children aged less than 18 years of age (minors) can only be purchased with an adult ticket.

Children under 18 years of age are admitted free, in the company of a paying adult, and will be issued with an under 18 wristband which must be worn. A parent or adult guardian must provide proof of age of the under 18 attendee if requested. The parent or adult is responsible for the minor’s behaviour and must ensure they are supervised closely at all times while at the event site.

You are aware and acknowledge that the rally site contains all manner of obstacles, risks and dangers both known and unknown which may result in loss or damage to your property, personal injury or death.

You choose to come onto the rally site at your own risk and to the full extent permitted by law, you release and indemnify the Organisers, its agents, employees and volunteers from and against any claim or liability of any nature in relation to injury or death, from you or any third party which might arise from entry to or the use of the rally site by you and any accompanying persons and or minors regardless of how the damage, injury or death is sustained or caused.

You indemnify Tamworth Regional Council and its employees and volunteers against any and all liabilities, claims and actions that may eventuate from your attendance at or involve in the National Thunder Motorcycle Rally.

The organisers are not responsible for any accidents. It is agreed and understood that the organisers are not the guardians of any customer safety and that they, individually or collectively, can not be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the Rally which might result in injury, death or other damage to the customer, their property or family heirs or assigns.

You are aware that motorcycling can be dangerous and that traffic conditions, roads, weather and other conditions as well as the actions of other road users can influence the risks. You agree to accept those risks.
It is your responsibility to organise your own insurance.

Licenced Areas
People under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult if they are within a licenced area at the event site.

Refund Policy
A full refund is available if your registration is cancelled by Midnight Thursday 21 July 2022. You must contact the organisers via email by Midnight on Thursday 21 July 2022 to request a cancellation and full refund. 

Cancellations with written notice via email from Friday 22 July 2022 will receive a refund, minus $50 per registration to cover the cost of the Registration Pack items. If additional items such as a long sleeve T Shirt were purchased as part of the registration these monies will not be refunded. However, these additional items will be sent to an address within Australia at no additional cost. Additional items will be sent within 60 days after the Rally.
Cancellations with written notice from Friday 22 July will have their Registration Pack items (pin, patch and T-Shirt) mailed to an address within Australia at no additional cost. Rally items will be sent within 60 days after the Rally.

There is no refund if you fail to attend the Rally however your pin, patch and T-Shirt can be mailed to an address within Australia for a postage fee of $15 per pack. Rally items will be sent within 60 days after the Rally.

In the event that the Rally is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers/Council, then the ticketholder will be offered the option of a full refund or a credit to use the ticket should the event be able to be rescheduled. If the event cannot be rescheduled, then the ticketholder will be provided with a full refund.
All prices shown are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST.

Possession, sale or use of illicit substances is strictly prohibited at the rally and on site. Any person found with illegal drugs or illicit substances in their possession or participating in illegal activities will be removed from the site and subject to Police action.

For safety and other reasons, some parts of the site are not open as part of the venue, patrons must not enter fenced off areas or areas to which access is denied.

The organisers may refuse you entry into or remove you from the Rally if you:
• Do not obey the Rally terms and conditions.
• Refuse to allow the organisers to inspect bags, containers and vehicles at the Rally
• If you disrupt the Rally
• If you interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of other persons at the Rally.
• If you have acquired a stolen or counterfeit wristband.

If you are evicted from the Rally Site/Rally or denied entry to the Rally Site/Rally, you will not be entitled to any refund and or compensation.

Patrons must not cause damage to, improperly use, or tamper with any site facility or event infrastructure, or enter any onsite bodies of water at the rally site.

Patrons must not remove or attempt to remove any item or object from the rally site or surrounding area.

All riders are bound to and subject to the laws and regulations as set out by Roads & Maritime Services NSW and NSW Police.

The Organisers, with the Support of Oxley Police District, will not allow entry to the festivities by any person or persons wearing club colours, rockers, insignia or any paraphernalia that is linked to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMCG). We welcome all bike enthusiasts but will strictly administer this condition. Any person or persons who are detected will be asked to leave the event. Oxley Police District police will assist in this initiative.

The National Thunder Motorcycle Rally will not be cancelled due to adverse weather except on the advice of emergency services in extreme conditions in which case no refund or exchange will be given on wristbands.

We may cancel the Rally, or a component of the Rally due to unforeseen reasons. In such case, the Rally or a component of the Rally may be rescheduled. If the Rally or a component of the Rally to which the Purchase Item relates is cancelled, you have a right to obtain a refund of legitimately purchased Purchase Items but may need to apply for a refund or otherwise follow our reasonable refund process. We may charge a reasonable fee in the event of a refund.

The Organisers reserve the right to vary advertised performing artists, entertainment and the Rally program as is required and at its absolute discretion. We do not accept any liability for loss or inconvenience caused by such cancellations or changes.

You must comply with applicable health and safety laws, report all accidents or emergencies or other incidents to us or to the organisers and follow all safety and security related directions and Venue specific rules.

CCTV or other surveillance may be used for security at the venue for safety reasons but does not guarantee your safety or security.
Smoking is not permitted at the venue (except at officially designated smoking areas – if any).
You consent to be included in film and sound recordings of the Rally and for these recordings to be used by the organisers in any medium or context without further authorisation by or compensation to you.

In the event of injury or illness the organiser may, at the cost of the patron, arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed necessary for the safety of the patron.

The organisers reserve the right to evict anyone at any time at its sole discretion.

You are responsible for your own property.

All prices shown are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST.
You must comply with all rules, signs and notices at the venue and follow any reasonable directions given by us.

You must not undertake any unauthorised commercial activity at the Rally or venue, including that you must not distribute or display any unauthorised promotional or advertising materials.
In the event of not complying with the terms and conditions, I acknowledge that Tamworth Regional Council reserves the right to take immediate action to seek compliance with the conditions of or that I may be asked to vacate the rally site by Tamworth Regional Council.

Patrons accept full liability and responsibility for any loss or damage caused in contravention of any term of these Terms and Conditions.


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